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Medical Team

Your Success Begins with Us.

Learning, Growing, Excelling.

Woman-Owned Medical Billing and Coding Institution founded and located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here at NAIAC we provide up to date medical billing and coding training resources, exam reviews, certification exams, and much more. We were created with the intent to meet the demands of the increasing need for professional billers, coders, and healthcare providers in the healthcare industry. Providing these services, not only benefit the individual receiving them, but it also benefits the many businesses, organizations, and other healthcare entities that employ them. 



  • Medical Billing Course

  • Medical Coding Course


  • AAPC CPB and CPC exam reviews

  • AAPC CPB and CPC certification exams

Prep & Support

  • Weekly meetings

  • Refreshers

  • Free Consultations

  • Hybrid, in-office training

  • Ease of instructor accessibility

  • Provider education and training

  • Compliance coming soon!


Before anything else,


is the key to success.

What We Offer
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